Nearly 50 Los Angeles community based and Faith Based organizations stand together for Child Safety!


The Voice of families, community-based and faith-based organizations will be strengthened with representative appointments made to the various advisory bodies, including, but not limited to, the Commission for Children and Families, CEO’s Child and Families Well-Being Cluster, First 5 L.A. and the the Office of Child Protection. The CCWC members will participate in the Department’s proposed development of Regional Advisory Committees and a Central Advisory Committee to the director and executive team. We also propose participation of parents and youth across the prevention and intervention continuum, as well as other service disciplines.

The CCWC believes that transparency and inclusion of community partners is essential in early budgetary decisions that alter Child Welfare practice in Los Angeles County is essential.

The CCWC will reach out and partner with federal and state child welfare officials and advocacy organizations to ensure that federal and state law, which assures that reasonable efforts are made in Los Angeles to address child safety, strengthening families, and child and youth well-being.

The CCWC will continue to emphasize Outcomes and Performance by promoting the strong historical data demonstrating successful Community Child Welfare programs. These programs have brought down child homicides by caregivers by 80%; reduced the out of home care population by 30,000 children; prevented trauma experienced by the unnecessary removal of children from their homes; and saved over a billion dollars in public resources. We will work collaboratively with the county on development of consistent and applicable evaluation and performance measures that will demonstrate and continuously improve the impact of child welfare programs on child safety, permanency and child well- being.

The Child-Centered, Family-Focused approach to child welfare service delivery will be achieved with the addition to the Department of Children and Family Service’s mission statement that, “Families who can provide a safe home environment for their children are respected and strengthened.”

The Public-Private-Community Partnership approach to child welfare service delivery can be achieved with the addition to the Department of Children and Family Service’s mission statement that, “Community partnerships are mobilized to a) prevent child abuse, neglect, and exploitation; b) promote the healthy development of children and youth; and c) provide for a comprehensive array of community-based resources and services which work in concert to protect children and support and preserve families.” To successfully prevent child abuse and neglect, the CCWC looks forward to working with the county, state and federal officials, to identify reductions in primary prevention investment over the past years and set a percentage investment in evidenced-based and community-defined primary and secondary prevention practice.